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"As the mother of a 17 year old girl, I felt confident in Lisa's ability to massage my daughter in a way that made her comfortable. My daughter loved her sessions as a way to combat school stress and was refreshed/recharged after each massage."
- Submitted by Blythe
"I have been using Lisa as a massage therapist for several months now. She is very professional, uses a variety of techniques and has a very warm and outgoing personality. I am massaged at her Fox Chapel studio. It is both a safe and secure location and the environment is welcoming and comfortable. I highly recommend Lisa. Her treatments have been extremely beneficial to my overall well being."
- Submitted by Mary

"I contacted Lisa in late Dec 07 to get help with a back problem that would prevent me from playing golf during my scheduled trip to Florida in Feb 08. I had several sessions between 12/28/07 and my departure to Florida on 2/1/08. I enjoyed a number of pain free 18 hole rounds of golf during my stay in Florida. I attribute my opportunity to play these rounds of pain free golf to Lisa's specific attention to the cause of my pain. I highly recommend her message services and knowledgeable advice that accompanies those services."
- Submitted by Al

"I have a lot of stress and knots that reside and build up in my neck and shoulders. Lisa's massages are effective in making those areas feel better. Her massages are very relaxing and rejuvenating. I love her use of essential oils both for the smells and the healing properties. Lisa is an energetic, happy and fun person. I have been getting massages from her for about 4 years. She is an excellent, knowledgeable massage therapist and I highly recommend her for massage therapy treatments."
- Submitted by Ann
"As a professional Pain physician/anesthesiologist, I can recommend Lisa Todd's services without any reservations. She is extremely well trained, professional, and has had excellent results working with many of my patients with varying problems. She is also pleasant and cheerful and the first massage therapist I think of when making a referral. I have personally used her as my massage therapist and have been well pleased with the results. DKC"
- Submitted by Doris K
"Lisa's massages are soothing, relaxing and therapeutic. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and is experienced in a variety of techniques. Although I generally enjoy good health, Lisa has successfully relieved various minor complaints such as muscle aches, sciatic pain and neck tension. Her approach is professional, and caring. A massage by Lisa is not only therapeutically beneficial but a real treat which I thoroughly enjoy even when I have no aches and pains. I always leave feeling better. I highly recommend her."
- Submitted by Penny
"I was so excited that Lisa became a message therapist. She has always used her hands, so I knew that she would be a natural. She gives a great Swedish massage because she has strong hands and can find those pressure points and work her magic. I am glad that she can fix me up because I still think that I am the weekend warrior, although my kids tell me and show me that I am middle age. Lisa lets me fight another day. "
- Submitted by Jeffrey

"Lisa not only makes every muscle in my body feel amazing, she makes my soul feel even better! Lisa's hands are a gift that have eased my muscles, pain and quieted my mind. In fact, about a month ago I feel and broke my foot and Lisa was one of the first people I called! I usually call her before any doctor! I have recommended quite a few people to Lisa and will continue to do so. To be honest she's one of the longest relationships I've had..over 6 years and still going strong!! When I travel I use the therapists in hotels and Lisa is miles ahead of them. For the massage of your life...Lisa is the one to call!"
- Submitted by Amanda
"I've employed Lisa's services for approximately 3 years. I was referred to her by the owner of my local gym, for sports massage associated with exercise-related injuries. She came with glowing recommendations as one of the more capable names the referral source could identify. I was especially encouraged to learn she did sports massage for local professional athletes, Olympians, high school teams and local elders and cancer patients. She has never disappointed me. During the time I have been using her services for back, knee and other problems (e.g., help with recovery from broken ribs) from various biking, lifting and martial arts activities, I have found her to be a highly skilled massage professional, who has impressed me with her talent, her technical expertise, her demeanor, her desire to maintain a high standard of practice (she continually pursues advanced training) and her generous and kind character. I have recommended her services to others who have shared the same impressions. I endorse her with my highest recommendation."

-- Submitted by Mike
"I LOVE LISA!!!! First off, not only is she a beautiful person inside and out, her massages are the best I have ever had. Right now, I do not live in Pittsburgh but as soon as I find out I am coming into town, after my best friend, she is my next call to get an appointment. I would totally recommend her to anyone and have even sent my mom and sister to her. I could go on and on but in the end all I can say is if you are looking for an amazing massage look no further, go to Lisa!"
- Submitted by Alicia
"Lisa Todd has the natural ability to listen to your concerns and massage them away. I am an architect who was in a car accident that left me with a mildly herniated disk. After hours of CAD, meetings, phone calls, etc., I can ache which makes me so tight i could scream. It hurts to work and it is hard to sleep. One session with Lisa Todd gives me relief. I can sleep and work without continuous pain for weeks. When I abuse and stress by body again, Lisa works her miracles again. She is the best massage therapist that I found. It was over five years before I discovered Lisa and received the help that I required. Thank you Thank you Lisa. Now I can be creative without the pain."
- Submitted by Susan
"I have known Lisa Todd for over 20 years. When I heard Lisa was learning massage I new I would be using her services, as I was certain Lisa would have an understanding of the body and the healing aspects of touch that few would completely understand. I was/am right in my assessment of her knowledge and skill. I use a wide scope of practices in my balance of body/mind/spirit: yoga, meditation, energy exchange, massage, body talk, crystals and sounding bowls. Lisa has never disappointed me when I have begun to speak about one of the practices I use... She was and is always up to speed and wonderfully enthusiastic about the subject. Although I have moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Naples, FL, I always find time for a visit to Lisa's studio whenever I am venture home to Pittsburgh. Once you have experienced Lisa's 'touch' you will be doing the same thing. be well do good Wil Bedard Naples, FL"
- Submitted by William

 “I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your services.  Thank you sooo much!  Lisa was awesome! She made my husband’s birthday complete.  He was completely surprised.  She was professional and just a pleasant person.  Thank you again!  I will tell all my friends about your services.  Have a wonderful day!
-Submitted by Erinn


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